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Welcome to TOTS NYC

TOTS NYC is here to transport toddlers and preschoolers safely on their journey to and from school while giving parents peace of mind and making their lives a little bit easier.



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About Us

We are a chauffeur nanny carpool service to bring toddlers safely to school. TOTS NYC is a door-to-door pickup / drop off service with a driver and a nanny in every vehicle equipped with child-appropriate car seats.

Our Mission

Transporting Our Toddlers Safely

On their journey to and from school while giving parents piece of mind and making their lives a little bit easier


Our Philosophy

We love our kids and we want to make them happy!

We provide the most unique reliable service to drive your toddlers to and from school.

Our TOTS Team

  • We are obsessed with safety.
  • The adult to child ratio is 2:5.
  • Every vehicle has a driver and a nanny.

Our drivers are all vetted through rigorous background checks, fingerprinting, drug screening, DMV license checks, with mandatory clean driving histories, and experienced.

Our driver’s job is to focus on driving.

Our nannies are employees who must go through rigorous background checks as well as face-to-face interviews with the CEO to be hand selected to join the TOTS team.

The nanny’s job is to make sure each child is buckled into their car seats properly and safely. The nanny will escort each toddler into their school and sign them in at their assigned classrooms. After school, the nanny will go into the school to sign each child out of their class and bring them into our vehicle, buckling them into their car seats.

All schools require that toddlers and preschoolers be signed in and signed out from their classes by the children’s parents, guardians, nannies, or grandparents. No child of that age will be allowed to enter or leave the school grounds without an adult.

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“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.” – Jim Rohn

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